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In order to meet the demands of wower, we have stored a large amount of WOW Gold in stock. No matter how many wow gold you need, we will always meet your requirement. Due to the gold we stored are manufactured by man hands without any robots involved, we set the most competitive price. What's more, we can guarantee that a delivery can be sent within ten minutes.

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As we all know, up leveling is one of the most annoying things in the game. If you are searching for somewhere to power leveling, then CWOWGold is absolutely your best choice. A skillful and professional team is preparing for WOW Power Leveling your character within the shortest time. Just tell us your current level and desired level. More over, 100 % security can be guaranteed of your account. All you need to do is waiting to enjoy the game.

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Apart from the wow, diablo 3 gold and guild wars 2 gold are also available here. Thus, you do not need look for three separated stores any more. Similarly, you can enjoy the cheapest Diablo 3 Gold and Guild Wars 2 Gold with instant delivery in our site. Whenever you meet any troubles, please feel free to contact us via "Live Chat" with 24/7 online. Hope you enjoy your shopping.

Key Points for the MOP Subtlety Rogue in PVE

At the earlier stage of new editions, it is hard to find the Subtlety Rogue explore the raid. As the Subtlety Rogue need very advanced gears to achieve his normal performance level. Besides that, comparing to the other two specializations, the operation for the Subtlety Rogue is more complicated, including the cockamamie propose of the damages, the many buff/debuff that need you to hold and the high demand on standing position of the output skills. That is why it is hard to find players choose the Subtlety as a Rogue.  It seems that the instant critical hit of the Subtlety Rogue is very suit for the PVP. With the update of the new patches, the attribute inflated gradually, the passive...
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  • Even through I have already got several classes level up to full level, it seems that I am not playing this game in the right way. I didn't choose the best specialization for each class. Now, I wan to start over, and play as a Discipline Priest which is said to be a very welcome class in the dungeons now

    From Bruce Malone

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