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The Configuration and Strategy in Warsong Gulch

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Warsong Gulch is the oldest battleground of WoW and is the most competitive arena as well. In my point of view, the midfield is key to the whole battle, only when you can compel the midfield can you control the whole situation. The configuration and strategy of this team are according to the above idea.


Configuration: three Arms Warriors, one Elemental Shaman, one Fire Mage, one Frost Mage, two healers( must including Paladin), one hunter and one bearer.

At first, without question, Charge is the best controlling skill. Under the assistance of 2 healers, three Warriors can torment various monsters. Elemental Shaman with high critical hit ability and Fire Mage can finish the last strike to dying targets. Frost Mage is the best controller. And Hunter can guard the banner at home. A Hunter with good manipulation can solely kill the bearer or at least can delay its speed, reporting its location to get the help of the allies.

Strategy: A violent nine players' team can almost kill all team without preparation. Seckill is also possible with the cooperation of Warrior and Shaman. When you send the midfield team to cemetery, the Mage can help the bearer to kill the enemy's bearer rapidly and tell the location of the banner.

The red arrow directs the compelling orientation of your team. The red circle is the location of enemy's cemetery. At the beginning, you should focus on overwhelm the cemetery. Remember do not let any mobs escape the range of the suppression. This is why 3 warriors come to intercept. The blue arrow directs your team to carry to banner to home. In the situation of keep compelling, enemies can never get close to your bearer.


If the battle hung in the balance, you need high critical damage. 3 Warriors, 1 Elemental Shaman and 1 Fire Mage will definitely kill the enemy's bearer.


At last, I want to say WoW is a team game. If you want to win, you should cooperate with each other and can't be a lonely hero. No matter how powerful the DPS is, he should be under the help of protection. Pay attention to protect your healers. More game information will be updated in our website. Please keep an eye on us.Cwowgold is your ideal place to buy wow gold.


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